Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 35, 10.10.2010, 6km, Griffith

A giant orange chicken - entered by the local KFC store
Griffith Orange Festival sculpture. The plane is an ex WW11 plane now a city feature
Griffith Orange Festival - check out the giant chainsaw
Today is sunday and not much happens on the road, so I took the day out from travelling. Besides the Bathurst Car Race was on today and I wanted to watch it. However before I did I rode into Griffith township firstly to visit the local market, which was fun. After a coffee and cake I then went further and visited the Griffith Orange Festival. At the festival local community groups and businesses all create metal sculptures in the local park and cover them in oranges and grapefruit. A delightful silly bit of fun, which promotes this regions greatest export - oranges. I really like Griffith. Unlike so many rural towns this place has real life to it, although they seem very scared by the coming reductions in water allocations proposed by the federal government. I hope they do okay despite that. Ah well back on the road again tomorrow. I'm going to head to Melbourne by taking a big loop through the east of South Australia.
Griffith Market - this guy had the biggest oranges  had ever seen

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